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it's all about (your) satisfaction

You have choices when selecting a photographer. That's a good thing because photography is such a personal thing. So that's why we focus on your personal thing ... not our's.


We're not happy unless you're happy. It's that simple and that's why we offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Yep, if you're not happy you don't pay!



Anyone can buy a camera. However, professional photography is much more than snapping a picture. That's why we spend so much time preparing for the shoot before you ever come on the scene. Our attention to detail, having the right equipment, lighting and composition is why we get the 'picture perfect' shot.



It's your way ... not ours. Sure we know what works. But you know what you want. That's why we listen and provide flexibility in setting up each photo shoot. Once we've done that, we apply our expertise to deliver an extraordinary photography experience.



Briana P.

Thank you so much for the pictures. I love them all. Thank you and your wife so much for the time and kindness you showed us. I will be in touch with you in the future.


Pamela F.

Hi Terry, just wanted to say thank you so much.  The pictures are wonderful. It was so nice meeting  you and your wife.  I will let everyone know when they come down to pick you for a photographer.  Thanks again.   


Sheena B.

These are so perfect! We absolutely love them! It was great working with you and you did amazing! Very happy!!   Thank you so much!! 


Marcy C.

Terry my Lord you took some gorgeous photos!! I might have gotten to Hollywood with you as my photographer.


Amy H.

We all love them Terry! You knocked them out of the park, even after what I put you through. I greatly appreciate you both!


Myra B.

Great job Terry!!! They look awesome. I just love them. Thank you again. I'll get back with you to schedule the next set of pictures. You're awesome!!!


Amy C.

We love the pictures! You did great. I’m over the moon so excited. Thank you so much!! I will definitely recommend you and your wife to my friends that vacation in Gulf Shores.


Paige L.

Jacob and myself love all of our pictures and think they turned out amazing! It was such a joy to get to know you and Jamie! Thanks for the amazing pictures! 


Ashley O..

They look fantastic! Really really great!


Kendall G.

Thank you so much for capturing those moments for my little family! I absolutely love every picture. I’m so happy & beyond satisfied with the way they turned out! Can’t wait to get them printed out and hung on our wall. Thank you again!


Adrian G.

These are great! Thank you so much! You and your wife were beyond amazing!  We will remember you guys and maybe we will make this a yearly thing to capture memories in pictures every year :) 


Holly F.

We love the pictures. Great job... we had so much fun and enjoyed meeting and talking with you and your lovely wife. 


Jennifer M.

These are soooo great. Wouldn’t change a thing. The beach, the lighting and everyone’s personality came out perfectly in all of these. 
Thank you so much! 


Andrea T.

Thank you so much for the photos!  We are thrilled with your final product.  You certainly met our expectations and I appreciate your services (and your assistant/wife was lovely). 


quality photography

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it takes time

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who would have thought

Looking back I guess it started in the 80's with the purchase of our first SLR camera. Over time interest in photography came and went ... cameras evolved, point-and-shoot got sophisticated and of course the iPhone and smartphones put photography in everyone's hand. The truth is photography became common place and even boring.

It was the exponential advancement of DSLR technology that revitalized photography for us. As our professional careers wound down, we grabbed the proverbial bull by the horns and jump-started our then fainting hobby. So much that friends and acquaintances began asking us to take pictures for them ... and then people began to ask us how much we charge. Our hobby began to change. 

so here we are

Today we provide professional photography services ... a place we never thought we would be. With so many dimensions, photography is one of those things you never stop learning. What we did learn is that it's hard to do everything. That's why a team approach works so well.

A division of responsibilities seemed to be sensible, at least for us. Terry spends his time behind the camera as well as concentrating on camera gear, lighting and computer software. Janie works with clients during the shoot to direct shot posing and composition while providing back-up photography.

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