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Portrait Photography

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Make your photo shoot a fun part of your vacation ... not a detraction from it!

Your photo shoot is an event to look forward to. Whether it's getting up early for a morning sunrise or dressing up for a spectacular sunset, you'll start feeling the fun even before we get started.


Every minute counts when you're on vacation. That's why we spend so much time evaluating the planned location and preparing for your photo shoot so you don't have to. We take care of the details and ensure everything is ready when you are so the shoot goes smoothly. 

We may do some crazy things to get those special shots because we want the event the to be as memorable as the lasting photography. 

Vacation & Beach

Preserve your beach experience with on-location portraits and action-based photos.

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Turn Your Images into Artwork

From a single portrait to a multi-picture coordinated gallery, we'll turn your images into a distinctive display of artwork.

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Timing is Important


The best time of day for beach portraits is during the couple of hours after sunrise or during the couple of hours before sunset.


Commonly referred to as the 'golden hour', it's when the sun is low in the sky, shadows are softer and colors are warmer giving a more flattering look to portraits and scenery.

It's a good idea to take advantage of the 'golden hour' when possible, but we don't disregard other times of day for outdoor photography. We work with all the factors that impact photo quality.

Considering coastal Alabama's 32 miles of white sand and surf, plus the neighboring beaches of Perdido Key, Florida and the Johnson Beach - Gulf Islands National Seashore, you'll have plenty of picture-perfect choices for memorable beach photography.  


We can arrange a photo shoot at your condo or beach house or help you select a more private setting at a secluded beach location if you're willing to travel a bit. 

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We want the vacation memories you take home to be happy ones.


Gulf Shores: 251-968-SURF
Orange Beach: 251-981-SURF

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Family, Couples & Senior Portraits

Use a location that sets the tone and mood to make your memorable portrait. 

Lighting is Everything


Natural light adds part of the beauty to outdoor portraits, but sometimes nature doesn't cooperate as we would like. That's when we use supplemental lighting to provide back-fill and adjust for unwanted shadows.


Indoor portraits are effected the same way. Depending on the setting, we'll set up mobile studio lighting and backdrops to capture the desired portrait look and mood.

There's something special about beach photography for capturing family portraits, but as the locals know, special places for taking stunning photography are abundant in our coastal community.

If you're looking looking for a picturesque off-the-beaten-path location for your family portraits let us know and we'll provide several ideas. You might even want to combine other locations with your vacation beach photography for creating a memorable family portrait gallery.

We’ve used professional photographers before for our family reunions, but none of them paid as much attention to detail as Terry.


Maybe that’s why Terry’s turned out so much better than we ever had before!

Ruth M.

Gulf Shores

Special Events

Unscripted photography captures special memories.

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It could be a family gathering, a wedding or engagement party, a graduation or engagement ... any event that you want to to share with others or document for posterity.

Capture the spontaneity of the event rather than relying on carefully posed individual portraits. Of course you'll probably want both.

Awesome! No way could we have gotten these surprise engagement photos relying on friends and family.


We got 1,000 times more than we expected. Terry did an outstanding job (even with the special lighting!).

Jacob & Toni S.

Ft. Morgan



Always look the part with professional photos

Great job Terry!!! They look awesome. I just love them. Thank you again.


I'll get back with you to schedule the next set of pictures. You're awesome!!!

Myra B.

Gulf Shores

Headshots are likelyl to be the first introduction of you, your employees or business personality to friends, the public or potential clients.

For social media profiles, company websites, marketing collateral, business cards, publications or personal branding always look your best with professional headshots.

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