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After Your Beach Photo Shoot

Your photo session is all set and you’re on the way to an awesome photo gallery! Here’s some things you might like to know and a few insights to make the most out of your photo shoot.

Now for the finale.

Okay, your part is almost done, but ours is only half-way finished. After the shoot we’ll process the images, making all the basic adjustments to put the final touch on your pictures. Then we’ll upload the files to the cloud and send you an email with a download link for you to access the processed pictures at your leisure.

Are you ready for the big click ?

What we really mean is that your downloadable files are really big. We shoot in a format that makes large files so you get the highest possible quality and pictures that don’t get grainy when you enlarge them (there’s a limit of course). If you prefer smaller file sizes for easier handling, just let us know . . . after all, it’s just a click.

What not to forget.

Your experience is important to us so we’ll ask you to let us know your thoughts about the shoot. Don’t forget to drop us an email with your objective feedback and if your expectations were met.

Thank’s for choosing


. . . we’ll see you on the beach !

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