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During Your Beach Photo Shoot

Your photo session is all set and you’re on the way to an awesome photo gallery! Here’s some things you might like to know and a few insights to make the most out of your photo shoot.

Remember, you’re on the beach . . .

where the sun shines bright and the wind seldom stays still. So what does that mean? The sun may be in your eyes at times and your hair may become difficult to manage. We try to workaround these seemingly uncontrollable forces of mother nature, but be prepared for a little eye squinting, shadows and consistently having to deal with fly-away hair. Don’t worry too much, after all, you’re at the beach!

Loosen up !

Maybe the most important thing is to RELAX and HAVE FUN. You don’t want another passport photo or mug shot. Bring the real you to the photo shoot and let your personality show. We’ll do all those standard portrait shots for the family wall, but let’s try to get into unscripted space with some spontaneous shots that usually end up being the most talked about.

Don’t time out.

It can be hard to keep small children and toddlers engaged for very long. Although we arrange our shot plan accordingly, sometimes bringing a favorite toy or something to keep them occupied can help deter those inevitable time outs.

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