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Before Your Beach Photo Shoot

Your photo session is all set and you’re on the way to an awesome photo gallery! Here’s some things you might like to know and a few insights to make the most out of your photo shoot.

Looking Good !

Start by thinking about how you want yourself and others in the group to look . . . casual laid-back, serious and formal or something else. No right answer just give it some thought.

Then think about wardrobe. Do you want everyone to be coordinated or contrasting; bright and bold colors or conservative kaki and white? If possible avoid small-print patterns and remember thin fabrics may show through in the sunlight.

Think about posing . . . traditional or quirky, straight-laced or relaxed? Have you seen a photo you’d like to duplicate? With a little focus on this, you’ll know what fits your group.

All Aboard.

Hard to believe but everyone may not be as excited about your photo shoot as you. Prep your group in advance . . . build up the event and how important it is for everyone to be on the same train.

Prop it up !

Totally not necessary but think about a simple prop to set your group apart . . . . . maybe something that shows you’re having fun at the beach. How about wardrobe accents like beach hats or sunglasses. The only limit is your imagination.

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